The Volvo S90 is a popular luxury sedan due to its attention to detail. That's more than apparent when it comes to the S90's many safety innovations. Here is a look at the S90's top safety features.

The S90 offers its City Safety feature that is able to detect movement in front of the vehicle and apply the brakes if it detects a potential collision between the S90 and another vehicle, pedestrian, or obstruction.

One of the most common accidents occurs when a vehicle leaves the road. To keep you on the road, the S90 offers a Run-Off Mitigation feature. This system will help keep you on the road if it detects any movement away from your intended path.

See What the Volvo S90 Can Offer

Stay safe in one of the top luxury vehicles in the world. Take a test drive of the Volvo S90 luxury sedan today at Volvo Cars Mansfield.

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