Tires collect a ton of dust and debris over time. This can lead to your car’s gleaming black rubber turning to a dull brown. This is also due to a tire-specific disease called blooming. This can be caused by the deterioration of the rubber or a harsh cleaner that irritates the antiozonant that protects rubber tires from drying out. You can use a cleaning solution specifically for rubber, or simply try dish soap that doesn’t include silicone or formaldehyde. These two agents cause more issues for your wheels.

When cleaning your tires, you should use a specific rag or stiff-bristled brush. Most car detailers start by rinsing off tires with a high-pressure hose, then applying the cleaning solution. After allowing the cleaner to site, you can use the hose to rinse off the tires again and remove any cleaner residue. You should pay special attention to the sidewall of your tires, as this is where browning or blooming typically starts for tires.

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