When you're driving on a hot day, you get relief by turning on your AC system. If you want this vital component of your vehicle to keep you cool during sweltering summers, you need to keep it well maintained. Here are some tips for doing that from Volvo of Mansfield.

Turn it on when it's cold.

You automatically switch on your AC every day in the summer. But what about during the cold days of other seasons, such as winter? You need to regularly run your air-conditioner to ensure that the compressor functions and to maintain gas pressure. You only have to switch on for about 10 minutes every week but do it on defrost to eliminate moisture build-up and to fight against mildew and its unpleasant smells.

Clear the vents.

The holes just under the windshield of your car are air vents that allow air to enter your cabin. If you park under a tree or leave your car outdoors, they can easily get covered with leaves and other natural debris. If they stay there long enough, they could develop mold, which you could breathe in, causing allergies and illness.

Your AC system could circulate these organisms around your cabin, making the problem worse. That is, if it can blow any air at all because blocked vents prevent any kind of flow into your cabin.

The easy solution is to clear those vents as soon as you see debris on them.


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Change the air filter.

Your vehicle will most likely have two types of air filters. The first is the engine air filter, which prevents dust and dirt from entering your engine. The second is the cabin air filter, which is more important to your AC system. It's responsible for keeping your interior air clean by trapping particles, such as pollen or dust.

When this gets clogged with grime, it reduces airflow into your cabin and produces bad odors at your interior vents. To prevent this issue, you must get your cabin air filter changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Avoid parking in the sun.

Parking in the open on a hot day can easily turn the interior of your vehicle into a furnace. While your climate control system will cool things down eventually, it has to work much harder. Ideally, you want to park in a structure to keep your car from heating up. Barring that, find some shade from a tall building or a tree. Take note of where the sun is traveling because a shady spot now may turn sunny when you return.

Be careful about parking under trees that shed sap, seeds, or leaves because their debris can clog up your air vents and dirty your car.

Run it correctly.

You don't give it a second thought when you use your air-conditioner. You just turn it on as soon as you start your car, which is not an efficient way to use it.

When you first get in your car, open the windows and the fresh air vents, so cool air can rush in and clear the hot air. Then turn on the AC to help with cooling. You can eventually shut the windows and the fresh air vents.

Set your temperature at its lowest to increase efficiency and save fuel. Never allow your AC to run while you're idling for a long time because that can stress your system unnecessarily.

Check out your owner's manual for additional tips on how to operate your air-conditioner.

Don't forget scheduled maintenance.

All new Volvo cars get three complimentary scheduled maintenance visits for three years or 36,000 miles. When you bring your vehicle in, it goes under the care of factory-certified automotive technicians who will check out your climate control systems for any problems, including leaking hoses or worn belts. We will then use manufacturer-approved parts to make any repairs.

Whatever you're in for, you get a free inspection and car wash. You can wait in our three comfortable lounges while enjoying free coffee, hot chocolate, and Wi-Fi. And if you need to head back home or go to work, you can take advantage of our free shuttle.