Retired Volvo Loaner and Demo Models: Enjoy a like-new Volvo experience for less

When searching for your next vehicle, you may look to a new car's premium accommodations and advanced amenities or a pre-owned model's strong value proposition. But what if you could combine the most favorable attributes of each? With a retired loaner or demo vehicle from Volvo Cars Mansfield, you can.

What is a Loaner/Demo Volvo?

Volvo loaner vehicles are courtesy models we provide to service center customers who need a vehicle while their Volvo is in maintenance. Additionally, our representatives may use them when delivering a purchased vehicle or returning a customer's Volvo as part of Volvo Valet maintenance pickup and delivery service.

These vehicles are also a showcase of the latest Volvo models, and thus, must be fastidiously maintained and in immaculate condition. This also requires them to be retired when the next model year is released, which means they'll generally have just a few thousand miles on the odometer at most.

What are the benefits of a retired Volvo Loaner vehicle?

Retired Volvo models are an excellent way for discerning Ashland and Bucyrus shoppers to enjoy a like-new Volvo experience for a significantly reduced investment. These vehicles are younger than all other models in our pre-owned inventory, backed by Volvo's new car warranty, and include most of the same desirable features and tech found on brand-new Volvos. This also makes them a great option for customers looking to enjoy the extra amenities of a higher trim level for less.

Test-drive a retired Volvo loaner model near Galion

For more information about our retired loaner inventory and available financing opportunities, please reach out to Volvo of Mansfield at your convenience. And if you'd like to get behind the wheel to explore the premium accommodations for yourself, we welcome you to visit us in Mansfield for a test drive. We'd love to give you a tour.